Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yet Another Idiot Doctor with a BUTCHER SHOP Mentality

A recent headline at WebMD's Medscape site proclaimed "It Should Be the Right of All Americans to Have Primary Percutaneous-Based Intervention for Acute Coronary Syndrome" (http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/557124?src=mp).

In the accompanying editorial, Dr. Melissa Walton-Shirley calls for the "greatest push in the history of American cardiac medicine" in order to "improve accessibility to primary percutaneous-based intervention" (angioplasty, stents, etc.). She suggests that "All invasive cardiac laboratories with access to interventionalists should be urgently brought into programs that will allow for appropriate support staff training ..." given the "Improved pharmacologic therapy, better stent platforms, and the advancement of wire technology."

Now, let me get this straight. According to "Doctor" Walton-Shirley "It Should Be the Right of All Americans" and we should have the "greatest push in the history of American cardiac medicine" to cut people open and snake wires up their chests after she, and other "doctors" of her ilk, let their patients become so diseased that they have a heart attack simply because we have great "technology" to fix it.


I believe "It Should Be the Right of All Americans" and there should be the "greatest push in the history of American cardiac medicine" to provide access to even more remarkable "technology" that provides early-detection and treatment for heart disease BEFORE they have no other alternative than to go under your BUTCHER SHOP care! That IS what doctors are SUPPOSED to do, isn't it?

Now, don't get me wrong. Percutaneous intervention is a wonderful technology that can save the lives of acutely diseased patients. But the priorities, if not position, of Walton-Shirley is so grisly and perverse I don't know what else to say. For her, the solution to heart disease is to demand the opening of more butcher shops rather than demand the institution of pervasive early-detection and prevention programs. What next, expand the distribution of leeches in hospitals? Wake-up and join the 21st century, would ya?




madcook said...

Thank you HeartHawk... well said! As one who has stood on the edge (and by the grace of God came out of the cath lab WITHOUT any 'necessary' intervention), I can only say that a bright light needs to be shown on this barbaric and money-grubbing medical industry.

Regards from Texas,


melissawaltonshirley said...

Sir, Madame
You have completely misread the entire piece. This is PRIMARY PCI for the treatment of acute heart attack. There should be the greatest push in the history of mankind to get this technology out to dying patients. This is not elective cath or PCI which are completely different and separate topics.
Once a patient enters the hospital with a dying heart muscle, one MUST open the vessel.There is no safer and better treatment. Even though there may be room to debate other issues in cardiology, this is not one of them. It is clear cut.
I am not an interventionalist. I do not make a living doing PCI. Therefore, I'm absolutely NOT yet another doctor with a BUTCHER SHOP Mentality.

You guys are so quick to jump on a band wagon that you don't even look as to which direction it's going.
I spend far more time trying to practice prevention, detection and non surgical and non interventional treatments for heart disease than probably either of you do. But, you need to check your facts because you latched onto what you THOUGHT you read without actually reading it.
I'm tempted to say, "You idiots, I'm on your side",but I'm not certain that would help.
Funny, I'm not ever accused of being barbaric or money grubbing at 2 am when the patient is suffering with chest pain , sweating and in danger of dying. They are usually very glad to see me and I'm usually glad to help. If I really thought that you even read or understood this topic, I'd be discouraged but you guys aren't even in the correct topic.
You'd better do some studying before you ill advise your loved ones about the subtle nuances of this topic. Your attitude could cost you the life of someone you love. Before you just jump up and write another ill informed blogg, re read it again and try to understand this is NOT elective cath or therapy. It's completely different.
Heart Hawk, the "Heart Health Eye in the sky" you need some glasses.
I'd bother to try to read your replies, but I doubt I can ever find this website again.

Dr. Davis said...

I couldn't bite my tongue on this one.

My comment: It's attitudes like mellisawaltonshirley's that provide silent endorsement of the status quo.

I have personally performed over 5000 procedures, including so-called primary PCI for acute myocardial infarction since the early 1990s. However, I virtually NEVER have to do it anymore in my own patients, just by practicing a style of prevention that goes far beyond the idiocy of prescription statin drugs.

I suggest the reader read HeartHawk's column and not mis-interpret his message. This person needs to view hospital solutions to coronary disease as evidence of the broad FAILURE of prevention, not a success in itself.

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