Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blessed with Brilliant Commenters

I continue to be nothing less than impressed with the intelligence and insight of the commenters on this blog. The blog was started as an outlet to vent my frustration with what I see as cardiological malpractice and to hopefully help others by sharing my experiences. Instead, it is slowly developing into a community of ideas on the subject driven by mostly thoughtful comments from those who both agree and disagree with the way I state my case.

"Anonymous" (a scan technician) recently replied to my last post "It's STILL the Plaque, Stupid!" decrying how heart scan results are often misinterpretted by doctors who alternately tell really sick patients to ignore the results or blindly rush them to the cath lab for no good reason (and I think also in reply to a comment by "Bix"). The money quote from the comment was "You wouldn't consider a "small amount" of cancer to be normal, why do you think this disease is any different?" Of course, I will be stealing this line in the future!

Oh, and to all you "Anonymouses" out there, take credit when you say something brilliant!




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