Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Revolution Moves Forward: It's About(.com) Time

One of the most promising signs that the traditional heart disease "wait until broken and repair" medical model is slowly giving way to the prevention model is that more and more doctors are jumping on the bandwagon. Track Your Plaque recently ran an interview with Colorado prevention pioneer Dr. William Blanchet who independently arrived at the same conclusions and treatment strategies as Track Your Plaque author Dr. William Davis.

Back in September I took some shots at Dr. Richard Fogoros, a contributor to's heart disease pages. At the time I mentioned what a pity it was because "he almost got it right!" I considered the flaw in his position to be the same as many cardiologists, a blind obsession with obstructive disease. My disparaging of Fogoros was a rehash about how traditional medicine waits until it finds coronary obstruction via stress testing, which is end stage heart disease, rather than finding - and treating - early stage heart disease after detection and tracking via heart scanning.

Despite my rather scathing accusations, Dr. Fogoros was kind enough to take the high high road and write to me explaining that his statements as posted on were from 2003 and his views since then have evolved. He has more recently published a new and reasonably objective review of the traditional "repair" versus "prevent" debate that is raging in the medical marketplace.

Here it is.

I encourage everyone concerned with heart diease to read Dr. Fogoros' insightful analysis and decide which camp you want to be in, with the traditional "repair" folks, or the "prevention" team.

Thank you Dr. Fogoros. The Revolution continues!



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