Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More on the Lipoprotein(a) Foundation

Looks like we may be on to something here. We have already had interest from several blog readers about keeping this idea going (see previous blog entry). Here is what has transpired in the past day.

1. Track Your Plaque (TYP) has graciously offered to host the Lipoprotein(a) website. I am meeting with their head web programmer on April 18th to lay the ground work.

2. I am meeting with Mary Lou Ballweg one of the founders of the Endometriosis Association (EA) on April 23rd to pick her brain on how to start and run a successful medical Foundation. Endometriosis was a little known disease and, similar to Lp(a), had little or no research or funding. Mary Lou grew (EA) from a humble start of one person working from her living room to an international association with its own headquarters building. She will be a fantastic resource for us.

3. I have talked briefly with Dr. Davis of TYP and while he cannot become directly involved due to time constraints, he has agreed to help us in any way he is able. He can be our "in" in the medical community.

4. I am about to contact other Lp(a) researchers such as Drs. Marcovina and Scanu to get their input.

The rest is pretty much up to us to keep the "viral marketing" campaign going and build a list of potential members and contributors. I will also attempt to start scaring up a few bucks and will talk to the programmer on the 18th about setting up a PayPal online contributions page as well. The oft repeated bromide is true here, "If every Lp(a) sufferer kicked in just $1, we would have millions." Finally, anybody know any non-profit lawyers and accountants who suffer from Lp(a) and want to help save their own lives? Sooner or later we will have to form a board of directors if we get this thing off the ground. Say, you don't suppose Warren Buffet or Bill Gates has Lp(a) do you?


Lisa! said...

This is great, and I will ask around about non-profit lawyers and accountants who will sympathize if not empathize! Also, please contact me if you can use someone else to help in anyway. (

Dr. B G said...

Thanks LISA!! You're awesome!


Gregory said...

Wow! Very happy to find this stent. I am a lawyer and would very much loke to asssit you in creating your foundation.

At 54 I was shocked to find 100% RCA blockage. Received a stent. Later afer testing found out my lp(a) was 130. Talked and talked to the docs about lp(a) but just kept getting the response that lp(a) isn't all that significant.

Please check the article by Hans Meinertz, Karin Nilausen and Jorgen Hilden. This study showed a 60% reduction of lp(a) through diet of soy protein after alcohol extraction. I have know idea why this product isn't available and on the market right now!

Although my expertise is in employment, I am willing to give my time and effort to help you strucure your new foundaion. Greg

Gregory said...

Sorry about all of the typos and errors in grammer. I guess I was too excited finding this blog. My email is

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