Monday, June 1, 2009

Finally, No More Begging and Conniving for Blood Tests

If you have heart disease or just about any serious health issue you have probably been in this boat. You don't feel right, there has been a change in you treatment, or, dammit, your just plain curious - you want a blood test. The old way was to call your doctor, wait for an appointment, then beg or connive your way into getting your doc to order the test (I have gotten REALLY good at conniving over the years). And, of course, this is no guarantee you will actually GET the test. You are at the complete mercy of the medical establishment.


A new technology called liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry allows accurate blood assays with a single drop of blood and a paper-like carrier medium keeps the sample stable for extended periods of time and can be easily transported via mail.


Now you can get common blood tests ANYTIME YOU WANT! I was skeptical at first but Doc Davis finally, after his own test (that's TYP Nurse Dawn's hand in the photo - talk about giving blood for the cause), convinced me - so here is my SHAMELESS PLUG for TYP - you can review and order kits by clicking here. Oh, and one more thing, TYP members get a discount!




Mark K. Sprengel said...

I recently ordered a thyroid antibody test for my fiance. She has had fibromyalgia for about 15 years, had a cyst on her thyroid, had the thyroid scanned, had her tsh and t4 checked but never tested for antibodies. I don't understand why they wouldnt do that. She was in remission for awhile which I understand can happen with Hashimotos. I think she also has cortisol issues which we will check after the antibody test.

Bank Rates said...

Liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry technology seems to be great. By this way, we can carry our kit and test blood at any time with accurate results. Thanks for sharing this information, as I was not aware of this technology before.

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