Sunday, July 15, 2007

Looky What I Found!

I recently came across this little gem as I was doing research for the article I mentioned in my previous blog. It's a radio interview of Dr. Davis debating with a "Neanderthal" Harvard School of Medicine professor about the value of heart scans. Davis pretty much chews up the poor, knuckle-dragging, old-school cardiologist. This is a "must hear" primer on how to approach heart disease. I'm going to suggest that Davis consider posting it in the open content area of the Track Your Plaque website.

CLICK HERE to listen (this is a .ram file so you will need the free RealPlayer to play). It's a twenty minute interview so, unless you download the file to your computer before playing, it takes a while to queue up - be patient.




Rich said...


Fantastic, and thanks. It is amazing how articulate and diplomatic Dr. Davis can be. I was glad that he started by disabling the "false positives" argument.

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