Tuesday, August 7, 2007

OK - Time to Stop Holding Back - TYP is King

Because I am so close to Track Your Plaque (TYP) and author Dr. William Davis I have been reluctant to be too effusive about the TYP heart disease reversal program on this blog for fear of losing my objectivity. But at some point, when a concept keeps proving to be right you have to finally give in to the notion that perhaps, just perhaps, a guy is on to something.

First, it was the begrudging admittal by the American Heart Association that heart scans really are effective measures of heart disease. TYP was the first to incorporate heart scans as the basis for developing personalized heart disease reversal programs.

Next, TYP was on the cusp of recognizing the potential of several novel treatments like L-Arginine and Vitamin D.

Then TYP starting seeing tremendous amounts of heart disease reversal in their clinical practice (double-digit reversal percentages are common under the TYP program in a universe where even a 1% reversal may mean a HUGE reduction in heart attack risk) .

But the final straw for me was the latest Stanford University School of Medicine study proving the efficaciousness of the bedrock TYP 60/60/60 principle (lipoprotein targets 0f 60 LDL cholesterol, 60 HDL cholesterol, 60 Triglycerides). The HDL and Triglyceride targets were never really in question but there had been much concern that an LDL level of 60 or less might actually be harmful (cancer risks were the primary concern). The Stanford Study of 6000 persons laid this worry to rest showing that, even at LDL levels as low as 40mg/dl, all cause mortality dropped almost 50%. The joke among the researchers was that "you can't be too rich or too thin or have too low a cholesterol level."

The TYP program continues to be right time after time after time. I am one of the most skeptical guys in the world. Dr. Davis himself will tell you I constantly challenge his work (OK, in the past it may have bordered on harrassment). But, geez, I am a numbers guy. When you are right this many times in a row, it just can't be dumb luck. I guess that makes me a Track Your Plaque partisan. At least I'm warnin' ya!

Track, Smack, and Jack That Damn Plaque!



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