Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I told you so ... you Yahoos!

I hate to gloat (so I lie) but this breaking news just came in.

A few days ago I took Yahoo Health expert Dr. Margolis to task for suggesting in his health quiz that Vitamin D was of no value for fighting heart disease. Guess again! Experts like Dr. William Davis have been extolling the virtues of Vitamin D supplementation for well over a year now. He credits D with remarkable instances of heart scan score reversal when used in conjunction with his Track Your Plaque program (note that honest brokers of heart health information will never promote a single "magic bullet" because there ain't no "one size fits all" answer in this game).

Anyone who still doubts the efficaciousness of Vitamin D should take notice of the study recently released by Drs. Autier and Gandini in the September 10th issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine. They found that doses of Vitamin D ranging from 300IU to 2000IU correlated with decreased risk of ALL CAUSE mortality (that includes heart disease, cancer, etc.) with no toxic effects. The study was a meta-analysis of 18 independent trials involving 57,311 participants.

Of course, this study does not have the power to differentiate effectiveness against any specific disease (say CVD for example) or determine recommended doses. The good doctors leave it to future studies to ferret out that information. But, considering the size of the study, it is a sure 20 to 1 bet (the study used the standard 95% confidence interval) that something phenomenal is going on.

So let me say it for the hundreth time. Traditional medicine is hopeles sly behind the curve when it comes to heart disease prevention and reversal. Unfortunately,they are largely invested in letting you get so sick you have to buy their surgical interventions and drug therapies. You have to dig and dig deep, gleaning information from many sources, in order to to have fighting chance to beat heart disease. Yes, there are quacks looking to snow you. But, if you don't fall hook line and sinker for every gimmick and snake oil salesman, if you do your research and believe in hard data over anecdotal instances, if you find praticitioners and patients with a history of success over years rather than days, if you just use COMMON SENSE, you can, and will, beat heart disease.

Now go take your Vitamin D!



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