Friday, September 14, 2007

You Just Might be a Yahoo if . . .

. . . if you get all your heart health info from Yahoo!

Now, don't get me wrong, Yahoo is a fine search engine. Heck, how could I have made the above obervation if I never used it? But, it is yet another example of how hopelessly confused and inadequate traditional, mainstream medicine is.

The latest example can be found at Yahoo Health in a Heart Health nutrition quiz authored by Simeon Margolis, M.D., Ph.D. (although I also must admit that as a basketball junkie I am thoroughly impressed that Dr. Margolis still holds the record for most points scored in a game at his prestigious alma mater, Johns Hopkins). However, in question #5 of the quiz, the good doctor dismisses the heart health value of a long list of supplements - including Vitamin D! There have been numerous reports and studies published in the last year that support the use of Vitamin D supplementation as a preventive measure for heart disease. I am sworn to secrecy but I know of a small clinical study (which won't be available for at least six months) that will validate the latest research about the ability of Vitamin D to actually reverse heart disease. That study is too small to provide conclusive proof but the data is astounding.

The point is that many, if not most, physicians today are hopelessly out of date and out of touch with the fast pace of heart disease detection and prevention. So, at the risk of endless repetition, get your information from as many sources as possible. Relying on the advice of your local physician, or even the celebrity docs on Yahoo!, could be a fatal mistake!

Yippity Yahoo,



g said...

Too bad Dr. Margolis is not aware also of the increased athletic powers of the hormone Vitamin D! Maybe he would score yet again...

Since I've been on Cholecalciferol not only are my nails growing at record summertime-pace in the midst of winter as DR. Davis predicted but my running is in fact getting better :) I'm jogging faster than ever (with little practice). I may even break my PR at the next half-marathon!

Thanks for sharing your info!

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