Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mammography and Calcium: More Steadfast Denial

It is often absolutely stunning how tradition medicine continues to remain in a state of denial over the efficacy of calcium scoring as a measure of heart disease risk. A new study revealed that women who display arterial calcification on their mammograms are over twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Ya think?!

Dr. Michelle A. Rotter (University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington) and colleagues reported their findings in the March/April 2008 issue of Menopause. Dr. Rotter went on to comment, "it has yet to be determined whether screening for BACs is an effective tool in screening for CAD." But that is not the point as the evidence continues to mount and doctors continue to ignore it. Arterial calcium is the strongest predictor of heart disease and future events - period - and it appears that detection via routine mammography can be an important predictive tool much like heart scans.

Although the link between arterial calcification, especially calcification in coronary arteries, has long been established as the single greatest predictor of heart disease, the traditional medical community continues to dither over supportive findings such as this lastest study. It is not as though this were the first time such a study came up with this discovery. Another study published in 2000 found a similar association between breast arterial calcifications and atherosclerosis.

When is traditional medicine going to 'fess up to the truth and stop letting people become so sick they have no choice but to pay big bucks to be butchered on their operating tables. This is utterly repugnant! We already know that arterial calcium is the greatest predictor of future heart disease in asymptomatic individuals and the COURAGE trial proved that non-surgical therapies are just as effective as surgical therapies in non-acute patients. One day, this is going to come back to bite these negligent hospitals, doctors, and insurers in the butt to the tune of billions!

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Additional commentary on this study from Medscape, heartWire


Anonymous said...

it is sad that they will slice n dice almost everywhere but try and find a prevention type Dr. is like looking for a needle in a haystack. After my 3rd attack I unplugged from the cath lab room and walked out of hospital....still cost 18,000 for er & 2 hrs laying in cath lab bed...

HeartHawk said...


That is why it is so fortuitous I met up with Dr. Davis and his Track Your Plaque concept. I believe it to be the best prevention and reversal program going. That is why I devote so much of my time to teh website and this blog!



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