Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Customer No-Service

There was recent post on the Track Your Plaque Member Forum about hand-held body-fat analyzers that piqued my interest. I wondered if they really work. So, I attempted to contact the company in question. Their on-site customer service e-mail form did not work so I went "under the hood" of their website (it's great to know these tricks) to get the internal e-mail address (which they do not publish) used by the form so I could send it myself. Here is what I sent.

Your website contact form did not work – it kept asking to supply a “referrer” for which I saw no field to enter. Here is my question

What is the difference in technology and accuracy of your products that offer "two point" versus 'full body" sensing. I’d like to understand the technical difference before I select which of your fat analyzer products to buy.


I got this curious reponse.

Dear Mr. Hearthawk:

Thank you for the email this morning and the opportunity to address this issue with you. I am happy to assist you in getting this situation resolved.

I certainly apologize for the issue you describe in your email. Unfortunately, there are some issues that need more intervention than email provides and I believe this is one of them, simply in the interest of time for you. In order to best serve you, please call our Consumer Support team, toll-free at 800-634-4350. Our trained representatives are available Monday through Friday, 830a to 430p CST to assist you over the phone and try to resolve your issue without sending your unit in for repair. If repair is necessary, we can set up your file to start the process or provide valuable options to your particular situation.

Please have the following information available in order to expedite your call:

1. Model number (from the sticker on the back/bottom of the unit)
2. Serial number (from the sticker on the back/bottom of the unit)
3. Proof of purchase
4. Your case number of 1205305

We appreciate your interest in our products, thank you for contacting Omron Healthcare and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jennifer Kelly Customer
Service Representative
Consumer Support
Omron Healthcare, Inc.

Ahhhh, this e-mail is so obtuse in so many ways.

1. I did not send the e-mail "this morning." I sent it weeks earlier.
2. I did not have any complaint. I asked a simple question. What are they apologizing for?
3. I do not own any Omron products. I trying to determine whether the hand-held model would serve my purposes.
4. Aren't they even a tiny bit interested in why their customer support form doesn't work?

I did call the representative who agreed that neither the hand-held or foot-scale models would be accurate given they only measure half your body. They suggested that for accuracy you buy their more expensive model with both foot and hand sensors.

Brilliant! They were late, clearly never read my e-mail, droned on in a non-repsonsive way, never bothered to inquire about their non-functional web-form. All the hallmarks of a company who pretty much doesn't give a damn about their customers.



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