Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Baaaa ... aaack!

Yes, the reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated. I'd like to say something artsy like, "I was taking a sabbatical to 'rediscover my voice'." - but that would be a load of crap. The truth is more akin to being really busy and not sure what to write. But, "being busy" is nothing but an excuse. People MAKE TIME to do what they like! And how can an arrogant and opinionated guy like me not know what to write? Here's my answer.

I write a lot. But every forum has it's boundaries and rules of decorum. Also, it is a little dishonest to post the same material on multiple blogs (not to mention that sites that have you under contract get a wee bit upset if you repost paid for material on free sites). So, where am I going with this - back to my roots!

On other blogs I have to be the "good cop." This blog is my outlet to be the "bad cop!" Expect my prose to be biting, opinionated, edgy, and designed to draw both complements and criticism. It is done from my heart (pun intended) and without apology. I may go after third parties but am ALWAYS respectful of commenters - so let's debate. If you are one of those third parties then comment back and watch my tone change. My opening shots are intended to get your attention - not wound! We may not always like it but we are in this together.

When I started this blog it was to be a no holds barred comment on the state of heart health care. I promised, "a hell of a ride" so hold on tight - be mad, be glad, be anything but but bored!




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