Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anti-Platelet Ad Nauseam

Why do I torture myself? Number 1 answer: I am a masochist, of course! I read a fair number of medical journals and reports and lately all I hear about are anti-platelet medications like clopidogrel, prasugrel (see my last post) and now ticagrelor (where the hell do they get these names - sounds like anime' characters - Ticagrelor, ruler of all Mythica!) . As I punned earlier - it's starting to get thin.

Like prasugrel, ticagrelor is not even out of trials, yet they are hyping the hell out of a product you cannot even buy. It's claim to fame (should it be determinined in Phase 3 that it does not kill more people like torcetrapib did) is that its effect is reversible - SO YOU CAN HAVE HEART BYPASS SURGERY FASTER AFTER STOPPING IT! I kid you not. Oh, and while it does not contribute to "major bleeds" to any greater extent than other agents it does show an increase in "minor bleeds." I don't know about you, but whenever I bleed I consider it a major event.

Given that the market for clopidogrel alone is $8 billion we can expect more of the same with everyone scratching for a piece of the action. Here is a clue for the rest of us.


Let me put it this way. An ounce of heart disease prevention (or a half ounce of heart disease reversal) is worth $8 billion of clopidogrel! Practice informed, self-directed healthcare instead of uninformed drug and surgery healthcare (Time to plug Track Your Plaque).



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