Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bride of Franken-Wheat: New Wheat Protein Kills Aphids, Attracts Parasites

This just in!  A new strain of genetically modified wheat ("GM Wheat" as they euphemistically call it in the industry) is about to hit the fields for testing.  You can read more here.  But, let me synopsize the report for you.

I kid you not, a new genetic modification is being introduced to wheat that will allow it to "release a chemical which will deter aphids, and attract the insects' predators and parasites."

Now, I gotta tell ya, I've had this small personal problem with aphids for a while now.  Little critters don't really eat that much but they are kinda itchy.  So my first thought was, "Heck, why not give this new wheat a try?  Switch to Frosted Mini-Wheats for breakfast,  ham sandwich on whole wheat for lunch, kick back with a pizza, a few pretzels, maybe a honey-wheat lager or two for dinner and, BAM, say good-bye to my "aphid dandruff!"  But, wait a minute!  Attract predators and, gulp, parasites?  No thanks, I already have too many lawyers, politicians, and aluminum siding salesman chasing me.

But seriously, is it just me or does anyone really think it's a good idea to eat a plant that exudes a chemical that will "deter aphids, and attract the insects' predators and parasites?"  Keep in mind that this is not the first genetic modification to be made to wheat.  It already has 3 times as many chromosomes as what good old mother nature intended (42 versus 14).  With every bite we consume a plant with special genes designed to kill fungus and other bugs.  I mean, c'mon, where does it end?  Frankly, I wouldn't spray myself with bug killer let alone eat it!

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