Saturday, September 17, 2011

Franken-Wheat: My Own Mad Genetic Experiment!

The numbers don't lie.  Nature's own original wheat has 14 chromosomes.  Modern wheat has 42!  Those extra 28 chromosomes are all genetic codes cross-bred and genetically engineered to produce proteins to kill fungus, bugs, bacteria, make wheat shorter, faster growing etc.  We all know abouts the devasting effects of the wheat protein gluten on celiacs - but what the heck are all those bug-killing proteins doing to you when you eat wheat?

Dr. William Davis presents some provocative theories about what disease conditions wheat may provoke in his new book "Wheat Belly."  However, the ones that caught my are are the the effects about things like blood sugar and lipoproteins - the things that affect the heart profoundly and cause heart disease.  So I did my own test.  Here are some numbers from a test I did on myself - personal numbers before and after wheat - that blew my mind!

I see myself as the perfect test subject because, up until then I had been on a low-fat “Ornish” diet and was taking 3g of prescription niacin daily to lower my LDL Cholesterol and raise my very low HDL Cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol). Here are my lipids before doing my own wheat-free test.

LDL Cholesterol: 84 mg/dL
HDL Cholesterol: 55 mg/dL
Triglycerides: 24 mg/dL
Total LDL Particles: 598 nmol/L
Small LDL Particles: 290 nmol/L

Here are my numbers after six months on the low-carb, no-wheat diet where I added back a significant amount of fat (including a fair amount of saturated fat) to replace the carbs. Note that I also STOPPED talking the prescription niacin during those six months.

LDL Cholesterol: 76 mg/dL
HDL Cholesterol: 55 mg/dL
Triglycerides: 26 mg/dL
Total LDL Particles: 550 nmol/L
Small LDL Particles: 92 nmol/L

Just look at those eye-popping numbers. My LDL Cholesterol went down while my HDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides stayed virtually the same. Most importantly, not only did my total number of LDL Particles drop, my dangerous Small LDL Particles dropped a whopping 68%! That was all accomplished with nothing but dietary changes that also allowed me to eliminate one of my prescription meds to boot! Not a bad day’s work for doing little more than giving up bread, noodles, and pretzels (although I must admit I still miss the pretzels)!

The numbers don't lie.  When Franken-Wheat's stalking, dont waste your time talking, just keep walking, or better yet, run!
Looking out for your health,


Wout Mertens said...

Both those numbers are actually kinda scary in my opinion.

See Paul Jaminet's series on cholesterol as a starting point for more background. Basically, lowest mortality occurs in populations having between 200 and 240 mg/dl total cholesterol... Especially the graph here is interesting.

I would say you have rather low LDL still based on that.

HeartHawk said...


Interesting numbers. But as a numbers geek I must point out that total cholesterol obscures the true nature of cholesterol and heart disease. For example, the average LDL cholesterol of people with and without heart attacks is statisically identical (about 131 mg/dL).

Having a total cholestrol of 200mg/dL where it is split equally as 100mg LDL and 100mg HDL (1 to 1 ratio) is significantly different than having a total cholesterol of 200 where the ratio of LDL to HDL is 4 to 1 (160 LDL, 40 HDL).

Next you have to consider the LDL and HDL particle size. 200mg/dL of large LDL is nowhere near as atherogenic as 200mg/dL of small LDL.

Finally, there are many other lipoproteins such as lp(a) that have a profound effect on cardiac mortality.


roaminghermit said...

interesting book....trying to eat non-glutin also along w/no wheat, still have to limit fat as angina gets worse eating BBQ ribs etc.
Have to get a VAP or NMR next month, I stopped all drugs and just take care of liver...going to try a glutin free beer also.

Anonymous said...

"The numbers don't lie. Nature's own original wheat has 14 chromosomes. Modern wheat has 42! Those extra 28 chromosomes..."

Where did you get the numbers from?


HeartHawk said...


The numbers came from Dr. William R. Davis' recent book "Wheat Belly."


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Anonymous said...

I live in Lake Cowichan, BC.
In less than a month I have learned that many of my ailments, especially T2 diabetes and reoccurring arthritic problems, have a cause rooted in my diet. Now I will switch to a no-wheat diet, or find an ancient wheat or wheat substitute. The other "smoking gun" is high fructose corn syrup. Watch: "Sugar: The Bitter Truth", a lecture by Dr. Robert Lustig on YouTube. Today a report from England indicates that obesity there is the highest in Europe!
Thank you for this site.
Greg Shea (aka gadrogeek)

Trish said...

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