Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now That Torcetrapib is History, What Next? A "Must Read" on the Future of Heart Disease Drugs

By now I am certain most of you have heard that Pfizer's new investigational HDL raising drug "torcetrapib" has gone bust (tests show it kills more people than it saves). I, for one, was greatly disappointed because low HDL is one of my problems and this new CETP inhibitor was the most promising drug in the pipeline with any chance of being available anytime soon.

For those interested in what is still "in the pipeline" and the future of reverse cholesterol transport drugs (yup, actually sucking cholesterol out of arteries rather than putting it in) this update from "TheHeart.org" is a must read. Go to http://www.theheart.org/viewArticle.do?primaryKey=764787&nl_id=tho23jan07 You will need to sign up as a member to view the article but membership is free. It is the most complete review I have yet to come across (and I see a lot). Remember, this site is funded by drug companies so take the info with a grain of salt but it is comprehensive nonetheless.

Be sure to read about the results of ETC-216 which reversed heart disease in just 5 weeks in 36 test subjects. I had been following the research of Esperion (the company developing ETC-216) and even ordered and received an investment prospectus. Dammit, I missed pulling the trigger on buying the stock literally the week before Pfizer bought them then cried as the stock rose 700% - boo hoo!




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