Monday, January 22, 2007

Pills, Pills, and More Pills! Some Answers

Wow! I guess people like to talk about pills. Here are some answers and comments about your comments.

1. Neil - I have used both l-arginine (to improve endothelial function) and l-carnitine (to reduce lipoprotein(a)) in the past. There is plenty of evidence for l-arginine on carotid plaque and improving endothelial function so theoretically it should be good for the heart. L-carnitine shows mild reductions in lipoprotein(a). Unfortunately, neither did much for me and they are both expensive as hell. I will probably start taking l-arginine again as I catch up on the new studies (it also has a mild effect similar to Viagra - heh heh!). About that magnesium citrate. It's often used as a big time laxative! However, magnesium supplements are good for improving heart rhythm. What's the dose?

2. Michael - let's talk about that calcium score. Have you had a full lipoprotein analysis? Your other numbers are great (mine are "kick-ass" as well except for lipoprotein(a) which is my scourge). There could be other problems such as particle size, particle number, or HDL2b subfraction percentage. Plus, there are some other things I will blog about in the future such as taking doxycycline to inhibit Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP) (stuff that make stable plaques rupture). I took a six month course of it. What is really cool is what my dentist told me it did for my teeth (remember that gum disease heart disease link - more later in a future blog). It really got me thinking! E-Mail me if you what to discuss your situation privately. Either way and I'll try to run it past Dr. Davis next time I talk with him.

3. To all regarding Vitamin D. Look up Dr. Cannell on the web for his groundbreaking work with Vitamin D. Track Your Plaque did an interview article sometime back (which is unfortunately part of the closed member content - but I'll work on that). Damn, I'm good! It's now available, open to the public for free at this link This round is on HeartHawk!

I meant to blog about "the great cholesterol testing scam" but since we got so many comments on the pills I held off. That will be next!




JJC said...

Heart Hawk,
I'm really enjoying your blog. Keep it up.
About Arginine, the cheapest I've found is NOW brand L-arginine powder. This can be found for as little as 21$ a pound online with 6$ shipping for any amount. A pound is enough for a little more than a month at 12g a day. It also dissolves quickly and doesn't clump. Doesn't taste good either but we're tough.:) So it should be a lot less than COQ10 or copays on prescriptions.

HeartHawk said...


GREAT FIND! Get me the source and I'll publish it (with proper attribution to you of course). You are also right about noting the clumping problem with some brands and I haven't found one that tastes good either! Yeah, yeah, the stuff we do to stay alive!


Michael said...

I will be glad to email you with the details you request, but I can't find your email address. Mine is

I don't mind posting in the open if this will help others.

neil said...

Hi HeartHawk,

I take 600mg of the Magnesium Citrate from NOW. They are 200mg tabs, I take one with morning supplements, the other two at night. I have had no loose bowel problems at all. I used to have a few "skipped beats" (I have had a heart attack and I have anterior type damage from my LAD being blocked), they are absolutely gone now.

I get it here...(and the Now L-Arginine as well)

I take currently about 3000mg of Now L-arginine powder with ice water twice a day. You are correct, it does have properties that are "Viagra like", although I am guessing a bit since I have never taken Viagra personally. But there is no doubt about it, the stuff works for that! It does taste a little funky, ok....real funky. But you actually get used to it. There is another drink called "Powermaker II sugar-free" that you can view on the's website. Somewhere Dr. Davis mentioned that one as well, it tastes pretty ok. There was still another drink called "Cardio Discovery" that also tasted actually really good, it seems to be discontinued though. I never see it for sale anymore, it used to be at Wal-Mart and Costco. It was marketed by Dr. Murad, you know the guy who won the nobel prize in '98 for finally figuring out that nitric oxide thing...

neil said...

Link got cut off, try again with link shrink...

JJC said...

I searched for NOW L-Arginine 1lb on
It not only gives the lowest price but includes shipping so you don't get surprised. has it for 19.95 plus 5.95 shipping for any amount.

neil said...

Hi Jim and HH,

The web site where I have been getting supplements has been giving me a pretty sweet deal. I have been buying probably about $50-$75 a month of stuff from them. I know that sounds like a lot, but since I get my CoQ10 and arginine from them it gets expensive. Everything I have been taking comes from this place. The shelf in my office looks like some sort of vitamin shrine or

Anyway, they give me a pretty good discount, and despite the fact I am in California and so are they...they are not charging me any tax. The link below is for a picture of a recent invoice, you can see the discount is way more than the shipping. You can see the discounted price for the Now arginine is pretty low as well.


HeartHawk said...

Great comments from all! Keep it up. I just may change my supplier. Also, do feel free to publicly post anything. However, if you want some additional anonymity you can send it to me privately at


Anonymous said...

What do you think about Carnitine?

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