Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For Men Only: Time to Take a Nap!

Sometimes the report from the heart health front lines just makes ya just want to grin from ear to ear. EPIC, a major multi-center study (519,978 participants in 23 centers located in 10 European countries) was the first major study to establish the value of a Mediterranean diet (including wine) in reducing overall mortality. A recent EPIC cohort study (a sub-group with no previous history of heart disease) followed 23,681 individuals for over 6 years and found that working men who take a mid-day "siesta" had a 37% reduction in fatal coronary events compared to those who did not take naps. Sorry ladies, but too few women died under ANY circumstances to make as strong of a statistical correlation between nap-taking and heart health (but there was a little)!

The details are available in the Archives of Internal Medicine.




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