Sunday, February 4, 2007

You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Hats off to Neil for posting the link to this YouTube video that made my arteries harden just by watching. Chicken fried bacon? You gotta be kidding me! And people wonder why there is a heart disease epidemic. Check this link and you will groan, laugh, and cry until your head (and/or heart) explodes!




madcook said...

[Oops... I probably posted this under the wrong topic the first time.]

SWOON.... WAIT!!! OMG, they left out the fried dill pickles... LOL! I have the recipe if anyone wants it.

Frank looks a tad puffy, and his customers are all obviously overweight or obese... by coincidence or by cause? I sure hope those fry cooks know CPR, 'cause I don't think that kind of 'regional cuisine' ever gives a person much warning that they are going to die... like right there on the spot.

Post-prandial lipid surge? Hell, that's looks like a blood bath to me!

Frankly, when I moved to Texas almost 14 years ago from California, I was shocked (well, actually in a lot of ways). 'Fried' was not something I was raised on and I was dumbfounded to see this was a major feature of Texas 'cuisine'.

My first trip to a Sam's Club here was an 'ahah' experience... the frozen foods section had case after case of fried foods. It was like Alice in Wonderland time... and nowhere could I buy the mesclun salad mixes that were so available in California back then.

Believe me, things have come a long way in Texas since then. Now I can get just about every food I could buy in California... and the warehouse stores make an attempt to stock some organics and things that don't require frying (although there are still too many, IMO), and grocery stores do an even better job with organics and such.

I do think that restaurant is mostly an anachronism, a throw back to another time, else Bob Phillips wouldn't be featuring it on his Texas Country Reporter series... BUT, with satellite TV and the proliferation of health reports on TV and in magazines and newspapers, there's no excuse for the overwhelming ignorance shown by those roly poly restaurant patrons in Snook, TX.

Given that those good ole boys are still breathing after eating that slop IS a testament to the body's ability to survive despite such deliberate punishment. I will bet that the only cardiologist anyone who frequents that restaurant ever sees is interventional... or maybe in Snook they just chow down and wait for the BIG ONE (Coroner)?


Cypress, TX

HeartHawk said...

No problem, I'll just post my reply in both places.

Hey Mad Cook!

Welcome to my blog. I have heard good things about your blog including some comments from Dr. Davis. I was so awed (shocked) by the video I posted it prominently.



neil said...

Compared to where I live in Los Angeles watching that video is culture shock. It's amusing to watch at first, but when you of course think of the longer term implications of eating that stuff all the time the reality hits you. What's really sad about that restaurant is...where do you start with attitudes so pervasive? I mean, in most places I am stuck at I can get some sort of meal by hitting the salad bar, taking the cheese off, etc. I didn't see a salad or anything acceptable in that place!

What could a preventive cardiologist do in a place like that? Nuttin much...just resign yourself write script for Lipitor, BP meds, and keep a crack staff for the cath lab 24/7 and wait for them to come.

madcook said...

Well, I couldn't resist... I looked up Snook, TX on the map. Surprise to me... it's only about 60 miles from where I live (a suburb NW of Houston). Snook is pretty close to College Station... and that's considered educated civilization in Texas (Texas A&M), so I don't know how a town of 568 people closeby could remain isolated from any nutritional information whatsoever.

I guess old habits die hard (sorry) and people think that Ma couldn't have wanted to poison them or clog their arteries... No, she probably didn't intend to... but the result is the same. I guess Frank had a nice Ma who fed him this stuff, so he's carrying on the family tradition.

I just can't imagine how those folks could STAND to choke down that greasy slop (I won't even get started on the smokes...).

Yeah Neil, it's a long way from Los Angeles (my hometown) to Snook, TX... luckily WE don't, won't and couldn't stand to eat that way. Maybe our better choices will help save us, or at least extend the good years of life!

Cypress, TX

P.S. Anyone interested in helping to stamp out programming featuring Paula "Butttter" Deen and Ina "Sugar" Garten on FoodTV? Shudder...

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