Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry



While doing some research on exercise-induced hypertension, I bumped into this abomination on the web www.yourticker.com . Peruse it if you must but it is about the greasiest, lie-filled, Goddam pile of crap I have come across in quite a while (and those invectives are just a warm-up).

The latest HeartHawk "Lame Duck" award goes to "Angioprim the Original Liquid Oral Plaque Dissolver" hailed as "the most effective method to clean blocked arteries and renew health without surgery, stents, needles or hazardous drugs." MY ASS!

These little butt-monkeys go on to claim thousands of customers over ten years have "proven its effectiveness in opening blocked arteries." Geez, where are the signed affidavits and angiographic evidence? You say you have none? WELL NO SHIT! IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE TELLING GODDAM LIES! These flesh-sacks actually have the audacity to publish what they claim is a list of customer telephone numbers you can call for testimonials. Well guess who these ass-hats REALLY are? THEIR F*CKIN' SALES REPS! I don't know what pisses me off more, being lied to or treated like an idiot. Note to the Angioprim marketing department: you might want to consider asking the pot-heads who program your website to change your URL query-string variable from "RepID" to something the average ASP programmer like myself can't decipher. The illusion really disappears when you call one of the numbers and the phone is answered something like, "ACME Distributors." What a bunch of morons, but, we already knew that.

Now here is the kicker. What do these lying SACKS OF SHIT want to bill you for a standard "Primary Cleaning" pack of Angioprim? Hey, only $399 (more if they manage to set the hook deeper)! Can you say, "BITE ME?!" They even have a "Dream Big" page where you can sign-up to be a sales rep if you're willing to pay a monthly fee for the right to sell into one or more selected zip codes (that's right, you pay a seperate monthly fee for each zip code you select and they bill your credit card directly). You can quit anytime but OF COURSE they will bill you for one extra month. Talk about having big cajones! These money-grubbers are off the hook!

At the end of the day, what we have here are a bunch of chelation therapy charlatans looking to make a quick buck off desperate heart disease patients. I mean c'mon, how low can you get? Next stop, my local consumer fraud agency. Seems some of their reps are right here in Wisconsin. How convenient! HeartHawk's a comin' boys. I'd call a lawyer if I wuz you!

Gosh, I get ornery when I'm sick!



Mike said...

Dear Hearthawk,

I was searching the web looking for reviews on angioprim, when I came across your review. Up until now I have found a lot of promotions and a few comments. Some of which doubt the validity of the claims and some that may be legit testimonials or not. However your review was filled with such venom that I just had to comment. First of all it would be nice to know that you tried the product before reviewing it. Then others like me would be able to to make wise decisions based on your experience. Second your review was filled with so many mean, childish names callings that it jeapordises the point of your review. You have very important things to say and you cloud them with your venom. And finally for those that bother to read this, don't think that everything Hearthawk said is limited to this company, the prescription drug industry is no more clean and no less expensive. However instead of reps on the phone they are using people walking on the beach in comericals holding hands with the familys and puppy dogs. Then you find out the side effects are more dangerous then the original symptoms. I think we need to all be a little smarter when it comes to buying products like Hearthawk obviously is and research thoroughly and make smart choices. Best of luck to everyone!

HeartHawk said...

Dear Mike:

You are, of course, right about venom being off-putting. It is not something I do lightly but I am also not shy about exposing the full spectrum of my emotion and opinion. Regular readers of my blog know I am a bit edgy and willing to test the limits on occasion. This blog, in particular, came with plenty of warning that I was about to do so.

I am sorry if this offering offended your tastes. Perhaps you will find the rest of my fare more to your liking. Might I recommend the item where I awarded the Lame Duck to Biophotonic Scanners as your tastes seem to run toward the scholarly. However, what I cannot do is stop offereing a particular "flavor" simply because one customer finds it distastful. Odd as it may seem, some people enjoy a good, venom-laden rant.

As far as trying the product myself I do try many. Unfortunately, it is impractical to try them all, especially those with no rational scientific basis such as chelation. EDTA works great for lead poisoning. However, it is clear that there is no substance known to man that will "dissolve" arterial plaque. Further, any company that misleads people by making wild, unsubstantiated claims, or promoting their sales reps as unbiased references loses all respect, restraint, or courtesy of decorum from me. Do drug companies often fall in the same boat? Yes, and I go after them as well. As hard, well maybe not but the do also offer products that work. Charlatans like the makers of Angioprim have no such balancing utility.

In the final analysis, all I can do is what any good restaurant manager would do, apologize for your inconvenience and offer you your pick of any other dish I have to offer. Keep in mind, I believe we do agree on the central issue: Many practitioners of traditional medicine conspire to keep us sick.



P.S. The first major, double-blind placebo study investigating the efficicy of chelation therapy is currently underway and will settle the question (except for charlatans who will never be satisfied) sometime in 2008. Until then, $400 bucks seems a lot to pay for $20 worth of chemicals.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Heart Hawk about the low selling tactics that Angioprim is using. If you Google Angioprim you will find 20 different sites put out by them all claiming to cure something with the Angioprim, from bone spurs to diabetes to senile dementia. It is sick. He also has a page out there that targets preachers to sell it to their congregants. I believe in chelation and the good it does because I have done it and the results were great and life changing, but I don't agree with a company just trying to rip off its customers by misleading them. They don't even have a specific ingredients page, a picture of the product or directions on how to use it. Where is it made/ manufactured?? Shouldn't that be a red flag???

PCS said...

I stumbled across your blog and I enjoy it. Do you ever wonder why the government doesn't step in and save people from themselves? Are we back in the era of patent medicine?

HeartHawk said...


Thanks! I'm usually not so - ahhh - squirrely, but, this one got to me! Could you tell?!



Anonymous said...

It is now 2009, have you heard anything on the 2008 double blind study (that you mentioned in 2007) on Angogram yet? I would give it a try if they had actual scientific data to back up their claims as pertains to arterial plaque removal.


HeartHawk said...


The trial is now scheduled to be concluded in 2010. Here is the link:

Clinical TrialChecks these links for more on angioprim:

FDA WarningIntegrity in Science Alert

Anonymous said...

Why are you so worried about what this company does? Do you work for a drug company?

HeartHawk said...

Dear Anonymous:

No, not worried at all (nor do I work for a drug company). Just really tired of ridiculous claims. Beating heart disease is hard work and require strategies tailored to the individual. There is no magic bullet and certainly no compound that "dissolves" arterial plaque!

I guess my return question is, "Why are you so worried about what I am worried about? Do you work for Angioprim?"

See how easy it is to get caught in a "tail chase" about who worries about what and why? I just write what interests (or incenses) me!



Ted said...


You just saved me some much needed cash! I have High Blood pressure & don't know who to trust. Blood Pressure medicine never helped so I thought I would try some form of Chelation. I almost bought Angioprim; your review caught my attention and I applied the brakes.

Keep up the good work!


HeartHawk said...


Thanks! If you look up further in the comments you will see a link to a research study on chelation that should settle the question.

Now for some REALLY funny stuff. This post was likely my most biting on any subject and really blows-up chelation as a plaque "disolver." Yet, note that there are actually Google Ads for chelation anti-plaque agents on this page. Heh, morons! How many clicks do you think they will get from this page? LOL!

Looking out for your heart health,


Anonymous said...

Hearthawk may be right about angioprim, sure would like to know though... and if someone reading this has truly tried Angioprim, it would be great to hear from you, whether your result was good or bad. I tried chelation. It did not work... but here is something I posted on ptca.org let me know if you try it also, very interesting... my post read as follows: Go to bodyfortheages.com This may be the best site to help us who have angina/severe chest pain post drug eluding stent. See my earlier posts on this ptca.org forum. I have had severe terrible chest pain since morning after large Cypher implanted. Tried 50 or more types of prescriptions, all statins, all beta blockers, hundreds of types of supplements, painkillers, EECP, stem cell surgery in Thailand (waste of $30,000), chelation, Phosphytidlcholine IV therapy, 4 angioplasties, Ornish diet, various aerobic exercises and on and on, all useless for me. Creatine Pyruvate with light weight training (important combo) helps me reduce chest pain better than anything now 2.5 months into it. Not perfect, but reduces my pain very noticeable say 50% at times. Still watching this to see if it continues. Studies show pyruvate could restore endothelial function of coronary vessels. When I stop pyruvate, pain very severe in 2 days. Back on, big pain reduction. Tested this over and over. 2 other companies also make/sell creatine pyruvate, but only this one seems effective on me. Best thing I tried by far. Will report back in 3 months. Note: make sure it is creatine pyruvate, not calcium pyruvate.

Steve said...

Hey Mike; I used ANGIOPRIM back in 2005 after I lost my class 1 drivers lic due to failing a thread-mill stress test and I'm still alive, ha ha. I did not use any of the drugs the Doc prescribed. I did the "mild"
therapy with Angioprim and stopped, no maintenance therapy. I still have a few bottles left. I will tell you that after starting the therapy I felt a huge increase in energy and general well being. I started on the Angioprim again just yesterday and will be doing the "severe" therapy.I still am able to walk the same distance I walked 5 yrs ago before the calf pain sets in. I hope this may help you decide. I recommend it and am not a sales rep. Steve in Canada

Steve said...

Wanted to add; It's a pain in the butt to do the therapy which requires discipline which I severely lack. And the cost? Well, I smoke at a cost of $300.00 a month. Our Gov. went berserk on taxing cigs.

Anonymous said...

Any idea why the Chelation therapy trial for IHD (TACT)(http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00044213?term=chelation+IHD&rank=1) that started in 2002 is still incomplete? They first said that the results would come in 2008, then 2010--its now 2011

Kaka said...


Regardless what that Angioprim site claims, EDTA works for Ca removal, I did EBT tests before and after a 6w treatment with Cardio Renew, 28% reduction. What effect such reduction has on CAD is a different matter.

Neb said...

Hi to all,
It is not really true that there is nothing that dissolves plaque. I for one had a Chelation therapy combined with Plaquex and this therapy saved my life. From not being able to walk more then 100 feet without pain to actually playing a short game of basketball. The way that Hearthawk jumped onto angioprim is childish to say the least. We live in the time where approved medications kill over 700.000 people a year in US alone. The fact that there are no studies done is simple - there is no big money at the end. I am not saying - do it or not. I am saying that the money for angioprim is not out of this World and if it helps it is probably the best investment for a person who is living with angina pains. Cheers!

It Works said...

I received Angioprim ten days ago. I have major pain in my right leg when walking, foot and calf muscle. My right foot and calf go dead when laying down, I have to get up 3-5 times per night to walk off the pain. My right foot fill's like it is on fire and my leg calf has a cramps from H.. I have been taking Angioprim for the past ten days with the cherry booster. The first few days of use I could not feel any relief. I did notice a major painless foot and calf relief after the 8th day. I can now sleep all night without pain. I do not work for Angioprim, I did buy the product for reason that I do not trust the doctors and drug companies. I can stand, balance and sleep without pain on my right leg and foot. I say it has worked for me. The person that started this blog has a personal problem with lack of understanding of the truth or has a personal problem knowing the product works.

Dennis said...

Both my wife are both 63 and have used Angioprim once a year since 2006, not because of any health condition, but for prevention of clogged arteries. The first time we both noticed an immediate affect to our stamina. Since that first time we take it 3 bottles once a year. It works. We gave 3 bottles to a relative that could barely walk and needed a bypass operation and couldn't afford one. She had the most amazing result. Two days after the treatment she went to the shopping mall with her husband and he lost her!!! She went walking off and felt so great she just kept going. I am not a rep for Angioprim, but have recommended it to others with good results. It does work and it won't kill you, so try it. And added note, Agioprim says you should take more if you have a bad condition. That hasn't been what we have seen. 3 bottles once a year has worked fine, even with clogged arteries.

Anonymous said...

I use angioprim, and after 19 bottles, and 36 days (am resting now for 5 days from the stuff), Ive noticed alot of real changes to my stamina, breathing, color of blood, and the like. Only I may have over did it slightly, this stuff works pretty well. But after 24 bottles, (they do give you directions on how to use it...when you buy it) im going to talk it over with them about my improvements...and Im heading back to the doctors for another test, to see the difference. Im supposed to need a triple by pass, but from just the way I feel, from a month ago, there is a huge difference. The reason why the people are sales reps, is that they think that users of angioprim are the best sales people. I would be one too. I like the stuff. There isnt anything wrong with angioprim, just because they also want to make money off it. Frankly, I was given a better deal that the one listed on the website. the guy really cares, and believes in his product, and really wants everyone to get their hands on it, cause it saved his life, and friends lives, and alot of customers lives. and if a satisfied customer, can send someone to angioprim and they buy, and the referer gets the credit, he gets free angioprim. Makes sense. I would push it anywhere, just from the way I feel. Ask a satisfiend client (i mean sales rep) what his/her results were.

dont go shooting off your mouth, from just what you read. Try it out... or have someone you know that has heart blockages, to try it out. then speak.

Anonymous said...

I used 6 bottles of Angioprim 5 years ago. I noticed a striking improvement in my short term memory. eg.I would look up a phone number, put the phone book away, then have to pull the phone book out again to look up the number a second time and write it down.
That has not happened since I used those 6 bottles of Angioprim. I cannot attribute better memory to anything else I have done with diet or activitie. I am preparing to order another $300 worth.

Anonymous said...

I had a svcan of my carotoid arterys( cant spell it)before I took angioprim. i had 40 percent blockage in one and a 70 percent blockage in the other. i took the 24 bottle treatment. it was a pain in the ass to keep up and made me very nausius sometimes. but it cleared my arterys quite well and It lowered my bp to where I am on the lowest dose of bp medicine now. I had to be under my doctors care to monitor my bp as it started to lower as my arterys were getting cleaned.I am a skeptic but just didnt have the quality of life I wanted. It also helped correct many other health problems that was better once my blood can flow better. I have more energy and am much healthier. I also can now do a lot of things I couldant do before because of no energy and strength and not being able to breath good because i had restricted blood flow. I am 58 years old but feel much younger. I am not in anyway affiliated with any angioprim other than just using the product. If you are in doubt . just get your tests done before and after to prove the results.

Bob Wilkin said...

Hearthawk, I'm sure that your heart was in the right place when you started this review several years ago. I am a biochemist and a Chiropractor I can assure you that EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) http://www.chem.purdue.edu/gchelp/cchem/polys2.html does have the chemical ability to strip calcium (CA++) from the arterial walls. Go to the above Lewis structure of EDTA and you will see that each amine group (one at each end of the structure) has two free electrons. Those electrons want to be associated with two positively charged protons. That is why it combines with metals in the blood that have a 2+ ionic charge such as Ca2+ (Calcium), Hg2+ (Mercury), Fe2+ (Iron), PB2+ (Lead)and a host of other minerals. So Na+ (Sodium) that usually accompanies EDTA only has a 1+ ionic charge and requires 2 molecules to associate with each end of the EDTA molecule. The EDTA has a higher affinity for Metals with the 2+ ionic charge so when it comes in contact with the Ca2+ (Calcium) on the walls of an artery, it drops the two Na+ (Sodium) atoms in favor of binding the Ca2+ (Calcium). This is the scientific basis for chelating the blood stream with disodium EDTA. The other metals that you may have in your circulatory system such as Hg2+ (mercury) even in trace amounts may cause free radicals to be produced causing a litany of ill health effects. The reversal of which may make a person who has been suffering for years with ailments and "diseases" (many of which are misdiagnosed) to claim remarkable improvement and in some cases cure of diseases which may sound like fraud to the Hearthawk and to the MD's who are selling a competing form of treatment. I currently find myself in a situation where I have a cardiologist recommending immediate placement of a stent in my heart. But with my biochemical background, this does not make good scientific sense. The stent will open a small area of one vessel of my heart... What about my brain, liver, spleen? I need to find a treatment that will reverse the plaqueing of my arteries, that treatment is chelation therapy. My only question and reason for my research today (which led me to your review) is to determine the effectiveness of oral chelation as compared to IV chelation.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have tried most of it. Old Linus`s CVD Vit C etc. as well. Does`nt work. Also a quad CAB 15 years ago. (This does work) This is going home a little now so I may soon need further treatment. Ill trust my cardiologist and keep away from all the snake oil.

Anonymous said...

Which was more effective IV chelation or oral chelation?

Greg Cusack said...

Hello Folks:

I was a desperado some time back. I had a stroke in 2008 and then again in 2011, which is how I discovered my stroke in 2008. The reason for the strokes were a 98% clog of plaque in my neck. I tried Linus Pauling therapy, felt good but no result. Did pomegranite and S.O.D. but still no result. Desperate I finally tried angioprim. It took me 108 bottles of this stuff, and in the beginning some frustration, but I stuck with it and got a great result. My neck is 100% clear. I was just tetsted on 02/13/2014 and got a clean bill of health. I'm ecstatic! Thanks to Angioprim!

Wdussery@Gmail said...

I looked up the trial. I can't get anything out of it. Van someone decipher it please? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Really all of you who have never had to try something like angioprim instead of going under the knife and are making stupid comments and the idiot that keeps using God's name in vane need to get a life. I have had many times in my life now 72 when a dr. wanted to operate. Every time I say a prayer God shows me a different direction. Herbs and natural things like angioprim work. Even when they said I had a torn ligament in my knee and the dr said the only way to fix it was through surgery, Well what worked was the hard jet on the Jacuzzi. I never had to have surgery. I could write pages of how many times drs wanted to operate or give me drugs that casue numerous side effects. I am using angioprim and my heart pain is almost gone and so is my high blood pressure and dry eye. I am waiting for it to heal macular degeneration also, which is also caused from plaque build up. If you who are writing blindly about things that you know nothing about and could help someone, then you are bored and should go find something better to do with your life. Because of you people who could be helped are now in fear. I would rather try something that is natural than all the medicine the FDA is using on people to make them worse or kill them. If natural things don't work and you don't want to go under the knife right away I would say try them. You don't need the FDA Try asking God who made our bodies. Even in the bible it says that Drs should only fix broken bones. Wake Up!

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