Thursday, March 29, 2007

Let the Chelation Battle Rage

It seems my "venom-laden" tirade against Angioprim ruffled a few feathers! So, I'll swear off the swearing (for a few weeks anyway) and get to the point in a, ahhhh, kinder and gentler way. Yeah, that's the ticket! I say chelation therapy and it's proponents are FULL OF SHHHHH . . . OCKINGLY misguided and perhaps even larcenous motives. Most of what I have to say can be found here:

and here:


Perhaps the whole thing will be settled when then alternative medicine boys finish their first real study found here.

Of course, they are almost five years in and you would think if anything positive came up you would have some early evidence!

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Ortcloud said...

Please dont quote or promote quackwatch, they are not objective and have an agenda.

google said...

So your argument for or against chelation is to pick an oral product with the sleaziest company and marketing tactics to make a overall judgement of the efficacy of chelation in general. Wow, now I think that might even be sleazier !

HeartHawk said...

Well, I see I got the discussion started!

First, I apologize if anyone got the idea that I believe ALL chelation therapy is hogwash. Clearly, it efficaciousness has been proven for removing toxic heavy metals such as is the case with lead poisoning.

My only beef with chelation is with those who offer it as a cure for heart disease. The data just is not there. For example, I have had personal anecdotal experience with certain antibiotics reducing and even stopping the progression of my heart disease. But, as a statistician I know it is pure pseudo-science to suggest it as a course of treatment for heart disease in the general population. The numbers just ARE NOT there regardless of my personal experience.

The same is true of chelation with regard to heart disease and anyone who says otherwise is a charlatan at least until there is HARD data to back it up. Perhaps the current large scale study will provide that data but, for now, there is none that I know of.

The claims of Angioprim and others of their ilk are unconscionable. When and if they can PROVE chelation reduces coronary plaque then hell, even I'll try it!

Remember, this blog is about heart disease and nothing else!



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