Monday, March 5, 2007

They STILL Just Don't Get It!!!

Every Monday, my local "big-city" newspaper publishes a special health section which I, of course, always read. The first thing I noticed was a lead article about garlic. The headline read, "Crushing garlic may cut loss of healthful compounds." Although over half the article discussed the recent study showing garlic had no LDL reducing effects (something I blogged about last week) the newspaper felt that "crushing garlic" was the story.

But, what really caught my eye was a small, inset feature beneath the garlic story titled "Know-It-All Facts." In this week's edition they published a brief on modifiable and unmodifiable risk factors for heart disease. One of the "unmodifiable" risk factors listed was "age" followed by this statement, "About 83% of coronary disease occurs in people 65 and older." The statement was attributed to the American Heart Association. TALK ABOUT GETTING IT COMPLETELY WRONG! Perhaps 83% of of heart attacks, strokes, angioplasties, by-passes, and other catastophic coronary events occur in people over 65 but, make no mistake, those person's coronary disease started LONG BEFORE they were 65!

The above incident is further proof that the general public, with the aid of the traditional medical establishment, continues to be misinformed and misled. What the hell are they trying to say, that I should not be begin to worry about heart disease until I am 65, when it is too late to do anything but go under the knife? Thanks, AHA, for nothing! Heart disease is NOT a plumbing problem, it is a prevention problem. It starts early (well before age 65), is chronic, and only catastophic if you fail to take early steps to head it off.

DAMMIT, this is pure malfeasance and malpractice! What else can you call it when the tools and technology are there to prevent catastophic disease but doctors continue to let it go so they can carve you up? But the day is coming when the medical establishment, insurance companies, and the rest will pay. CLICK HERE to read about how it is going to happen!

Monday and grumpy!



Anonymous said...

As a technologist who performs many heart scans daily, I can tell you that most of our patients are UNDER 65 years of age and approximately HALF of them have heart disease. Many have only 1 risk factor for heart disease, placing them at low risk. We have scanned people in their 30's (only with a strong family history or for highly abnormal cholesterol numbers) who have significant plaque. This disease is so aggressive that waiting until you need invasive intervention is just craziness.

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