Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hypothyroidism and Heart Disease: An Update

OK, folks, read 'em and weep. My thyroglobulin antibody test was a whopping 37.9 IU/ml (0-14.4 reference range) and my thyroid peroxidase antibody test was worse at 22.8 IU/ml (0-3.9 reference range). Guess what, I likely have a thyroid autoimmune disease, probably Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Well, at least I now KNOW (think I know anyway) what is causing my symptoms!

Next step, find a doctor to confirm my own diagnosis and properly treat me. Good luck. I called the top endocrinologists in my area and the wait is out one to two months or more. So, I took what I could get and will see somebody this week. Hopefully, the doc can get me started on a thyroid hormone replacement strategy so I can see how it affects my lipoproteins as well as my general well-being. However, I kept my appointment with the other guy - just in case I need a second opinion.

You know, it's funny. When I started this gig seven years ago (well before this blog) I thought I would be researching the heart and its arteries and peripherally the liver (as it makes most lipoproteins). Now, I'm digging around in my neck! Go figure. Well, you go where the cure takes you. The lesson to be learned here is to take matters into your own hands, be proactive, leave no stone unturned, and keep searching until you unearth all the root causes of your disease.

I'll heep you posted on my journey!


P.S. The good news is we won't have to start our own foundation as we are with Lipoprotein(a). There are LOTS of thyroid groups!


Anne said...

Since you probably have Hashimoto's, here is something else to think about. A high percentage of people who have Hashimoto's also have celiac disease. The celiac experts are recommending anyone with autoimmune thyroid disease to be tested for celiac disease. Here is a link to a collection of abstracts about celiac disease and thyroid disease in The Gluten File.

When I went gluten free, my fatigue lifted, my GERD disappeared, and my pitting edema and SOB resolved. That is a short list of the improvements.

One warning, a negative test for celiac disease does not mean that you are not sensitive to gluten. I do not have celiac disease, but I discovered gluten was making me very ill. I used Enterolab to confirm antibodies to gluten. This is a test for gluten sensitivity. It does not test for celiac disease.

I was adding up all my risks for heart disease that were ignored by my doctors. Twelve years ago I started getting stents then 8 years ago I had bypass. During that time I was finally tested thyroid disease and found to have Hashimoto's. Five years ago I discovered my gluten sensitivity and going gluten free has improved my health greatly. About 2-3 years ago I begged my doctor to test my vitamin D level and it was low. Recently I looked at some old tests and realized that my "borderline" blood sugars were really at a dangerous level. I am now working on getting my BG under control with diet. None of these problems were addressed before I needed my first stent. Thank goodness for the internet and the wonderful people who share good information.

Wish you well on your journey.

HeartHawk said...
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HeartHawk said...


Good comments. I did have a celiac test and like you it was negative. Now, I wonder. My association with Track Your Plaque and Dr. Davis have opened so many new avenues. I really need to start a compendium of all these issues and insights so that there is a one stop shop to get this info rather than force people to do all the same basic research you and I have. I have started getting the Lipoprotein(a) Foundation going to address that issue. Nw hypothyroidism is rearing its ungly head (I see the endocrinologist tomorrow at 8AM). The exciting part is th I may be closing in on an important part of he puzzle. Well. Rome wasn't built in a day. Let's keep ax many poeple involved and collecting data. Maybe we'll save some lives and certainly prevent a lot of unneeded suffering and aggravation! Keep in touch.



Dr. B G said...

Hi HH,

I agree with Anne -- wheat is a culprit (and gluten) for many autoimmune diseases (including eczema, psoriasis, etc).

Here is a physician (like our awesome Dr. Davis) also promoting wheat avoidance for Thyroid support and healing:

Mark Hyman MD (above) has also identified other reasons for poor thyroid health
--Chronic stress (cortisol effects)
--vitamin A deficiency (r u on??)
--Zinc deficiency
--Selenium deficiency
--B-vitamin deficiency
--vitamin D (but of course ur taking!) deficiency
--fish oil deficiency (of course also ur taking)
--wheat/gluten avoidance
--pesticide avoidance

Dude, do some yoga -- the Cobra will help stimulate your Thyroid gland and bring proper circulation and oxygen! And yoga is part of a 'comprehensive stress management program.'! Hope you feel better soon :)


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Anita said...

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