Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sub-clinical Hypothyroidism Linked to Fatal Heart Disease

A study of 25,000 people recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine has confirmed that sub-clinical hypothyroidism (those with supposedly normal TSH test results) is positively linked to fatal heart disease in women. However, there were not enough cardiac deaths to extend this conclusion to men (note that this DOES NOT mean men are not affected, it simply means there were not enough events to prove it statistically within the 95% confidence interval established for the study). This study confirms the findings of a smaller study published in the Archives last year.

The message these studies provide is clear. Persons with TSH test results even in the intermediate range of "normal" (1.14-2.52 mIU/L) may be at heightened risk for cardiac death. The practical result is that patients should no longer rely on supposedly "normal" TSH test results to rule out hypothyroidism. You KNOW I'm not. Look for a future report on how to protect yourself!




PharmacistMike said...

There are FDA-approved home testing kits for TSH and thyroid function. However, this study shows why, if using home testing kits, that it so important to share the results with your physician. While your results may be reported as normal there may be other information you doctor has that shows you may be at increased risk for certain diseases.

HeartHawk said...

Hey PharmacistMike!

Greeting to everyone in Deerfield Beach! Yes, I read about them in Janie Bowthorpe's book "Stop the Thyroid Madness." Perhaps I should talk with Dr. Davis about your Home Health Screening company. You have tests. We have members who may want to test (I know I may start). I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!



PharmacistMike said...


Yes, we do offer FDA-approved kits for home testing for TSH levels. More information is available on our website at These test are very beneficial to the uninsured, under-insured or those they don't have easy access to a physician. However, users are encouraged to share the results with their primary care physician to make sure more detailed assessments are not needed.

Anonymous said...

Huh. Just try and get your 'western' doc to pay attention if your TSH is 'normal'.
In CA, they follow the endocrinologists' line. .85? You're tired? Oh well. Get more sleep.

HeartHawk said...


I have never been a mystic but over-reliance on tests is a failure of "western medicine." What I like so much about Track Your Plaque is that it melds the best of both practices. It is rooted in hard science yet pays close attention to the body and natural practices without being goofy. It is also about doctors like Bill Davis who let us know it is perfectly acceptable to question (and fire) other docs when they ignore us. Could it be because he is half Japanese - a symbiotic melding of East and West?



Brate said...

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Danica Thompson said...

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