Thursday, May 8, 2008

Track Your Plaque: Continued Validation!

OK, since I am now pretty much a full-fledged flack for Track Your Plaque (ya gotta love the alliteration and rhyming), I don't feel quite as bashful about saying, "I told you so." Dr. William R. Davis continues his unbroken record of prognostication and retains the title I gave him as the "Nostradamus of curing heart disease" as I find yet another vindication of the Track Your Plaque principles, in particular the 60/60/60 precept (LDL/HDL/Triglycerides).

A new report from the Stop Atherosclerosis in Native Diabetics (SANDS) study suggests that aggressive lowering of LDL (<70mg/dl) and blood pressure (<115mmHG) regresses heart disease as compared to standard targets (100mg/dl and 130mmHg respectively). Admittedly, the researchers used carotid intima media thickness (CIMT) which is the easiest surrogate end point to regress. Also, the study only looked at Native American diabetics but diabetics are traditionally the TOUGHEST group to treat. It is also possible this result only applies to persons with Native American genetics but I doubt it. Either way, it is good news and pushes us closer to a cure.

The other nugget to come away with is the TYP principle that says plaque growth rates below 10% are nearly as effective as reversal (in terms of clinical events) is also supported by SANDS. While not a cure for all, this is still great news and another win for the lower is better philosophy.


Dr. B G said...

I like the alliteration! :)

Thank you for your review. I agree, Dr. Davis is a G-O-D. The data and reports are now backing up the principles he designed and created 8-10 yrs ago.

People with diabetes are very difficult to treat for reversal of CAD. In fact, one trial (Heart Protection Study) altered policy and procedure by showing that having diabetes is equivalent to heart disease. And needs to be actively addressed as agressively (like that? *he*).


Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph was very interesting in that Dr. Agaston STILL doesn't believe in reversal of calcium scores but he does say in his book that anything less than 10% percent growth is not creating new risk, this seems to back him up. On the downside as you know all to well there is a subset of people out there with the lp(a) problem that even getting ldl below 70 and blood pressure under 115 doesn't help much if at all.

hyperhidrosis said...

I totally agree with his conclusions, think that diabetics are very difficult people to deal with, thanks for the information provided and for allowing me to comment and express!

HeartHawk said...


YOur welcome! Comment any time. I believe that the TYP community will ultimately provide a great many cures. Not just Doc Davis, but hte combined knowledge and observations of everyone involved.


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