Monday, December 7, 2009

To Nap, Siesta, Perchance to Sleep?

Time for a "Seinfeld" blog about next to nothing. Which is about how much sleep I got last night. Along with a bottle of 2007 Malbec I just bought, it got me daydreaming about the 2007 EPIC study that drew an association between napping and heart disease. I say association because nothing in the study proved napping causes a reduction in heart disease. The EPIC people (mostly cancer researchers) simply noted that people who napped had fewer coronary deaths. It could be they are just a more laid-back bunch!

Fortunately, the CARDIA study provides some hard data on sleep and calcium scores that supports a good night's sleep. For those who are Track Your Plaque Members the TYP Library provides the best heart disease reversal "Cliff Notes" on the issue (as it almost always does). Here is the link.

Sleep and the Track Your Plaque program:Does sleep quantity or quality cause plaque to grow?

That's all for today. Time for that nap!

Looking out for your heart health,



Anna said...

This is a weird type of information and i am shocked o know about the news that napping lower down the number of death caused sue to heart diseases. Though its not yet proved, research works are going on, if done and proved it should be spreaded among all heart patients so that they can take it as a preventive measures at least for few years they can live life for a bit more years.

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